Developers Come and Go Quickly

My experience for several years using various themes from various developers helped me a lot to determine what is best.

Here I list 7 elements that should be considered.

Note: the sequence is starting with the most important thing.

1. Continuous support and updates from the developer
WordPress is a CMS that changes every day.

From time to time, there must be the latest updates from WordPress. The current wordpress version is 4.6, which is nicknamed, ‘ Pepper ‘.

Updates are important for the security of your website

It aims to close ‘holes’ that may pose a threat, and at the Database same time add the latest features in line with technological developments.

Often, plugins and themes will also receive updates from their respective developers as soon as there are changes to wordpress.

This is so that their plugins and themes match the changes that occur in the latest version of wordpress.

Genesis customer support

The problem that may arise is when the wordpress theme you use does not get the proper update from the responsible developer.

Often this happens to free themes. It also applies to premium themes purchased from non-dedicated developers.

Although this technically involves several things (hosting, cache and cdn), but the template or theme also plays a big role.

Humans are impatient creatures. They will close the browser to your website if the loading time of your website exceeds 5 seconds.

A fast website not only improves the user experience in general, but it will also improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

So what causes the website to be heavy and sluggish?

Too many functions Be wary of themes that offer too many features


For example, various types of sliders, 4-5 types of pre-installed Sale Lead plugins and many use javascript animations.

Maybe you are fascinated by the offer given, but you should be aware that no website that makes too many HTTP requests is able to provide optimal performance.

Use of large media formats
My advice, avoid themes that use full-width images, videos in the background, flash format and so on.

It’s too heavy to optimize.

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