Disadvantages of Premium Themes

Little known design
Because free WordPress themes are so popular, it’s not impossible to find dozens of websites using the same design.

Premium themes are less known, making your website stand out from others.

Tema WordPress Premium

Every thing must have its own shortcomings. It’s up to you whether the lack hurts you or not.

Here I list the disadvantages of premium themes.

Usually well-known developers are based outside the country

And the currency used is the standard US Dollar. When Whatsapp Mobile Number List converted to Malaysian Ringgit, the price can give you diarrhea. (at least for stingy people like me)

To get a premium theme from a good developer, ie studiopress; you must be willing to invest at least RM400.

It will reach thousands of ringgit if you hire a designer to build a special custom design.

Complex configuration
Most of the premium themes have their own admin panel, and come with various customization settings, which might take you some time to learn to understand how it works.

Undesirable characteristics
Often premium themes tend to add various special features in their themes, such as sliders, page builders, additional displays.

Don’t be easily tempted by marketing tactics.

They will offer you what you don’t need as if it were a must-have feature

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While these things make the theme very versatile, too Sale Lead many features make it unstable.

In general, the most important factor to look at when choosing a theme, free or premium, is the quality used to build it.

The quality of the code in a theme will affect many things, from security to website speed.

The easiest way to measure it, is to read reviews by people who have used it.

If the theme has an open forum page, please search and find out what problems the users are facing.

And notice how the developer responds to providing solutions to each complaint.

I have written an article about how to choose a good and appropriate theme.

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