Your Guide to Being Self-employed in Italy if You Are a Foreigner

Being autonomous in this digital world offers us the freedom to pick up the computer. Choose a destination and work from anywhere. We can do things like treat ourselves to some well-deserved workation.That is, take our work with us when we travel. But it’s important to remember that each country has its. Own rules when it comes to digital nomads .(especially if you plan to stay for more than a few weeks).

Working as a freelancer is becoming more and more popular

According to statistics. 13.8% of the population is self-employed and more than 30% of these people. Are under 40 years of age. More and more italian cities are becoming “smart cities”,.
But in practice, what is life like as a freelancer in italy. If you are considering starting your activity as a freelancer here (even for a short time. It is better that you read our guide. Which contains all the things you should take into account before arriving. Read on to find out more about Latest Mailing Database being self-employed in italy if you are a foreigner.If you are an eu citizen, you are already registered as self-employed in another eu country. And you only plan to stay in italy for a few months. You do not need to obtain an italian vat number apart from the one you already have. In fact, there is no law in the european union that prohibits working from. Another member state, so you can use another eu vat number without problems. As long as you do not stay in the country permanently. The “183 days” rule is often applied to people who plan to become self-employed in italy. This rule means.

Any person who works as a freelancer abroad for less than. 183 days a year is subject to the tax laws of their country of residence.
Any person who works as a freelancer abroad for. More than 183 consecutive days a year can choose to continue paying taxes in their country of residence.

Taxes and vat for freelancers from the eu in italy

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Basically, if you intend to spend less than Sale Lead six months in total in italy. You will not have the obligation to transfer your tax residence to this country. If you are considering making italy your permanent home, you have two options:.
You can choose to transfer your tax residence to italy.
Or you can pay your taxes both in italy and in the country where you applied for your vat number.

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