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Otherwise if you have any questions or comments please get in touch. Happy Coding James Hibbard […]

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Please note that if you are making any kind of application that has users it is […]

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In a typical application, we will use flash messages, a temporary notification to remind the user […]

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Once we know what mode we’re in we can conditionally change the page title and then […]

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Template In the main template our route handler things should still work as before but now […]

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We can see this if we open the browser’s developer tools switch to the network tab […]

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Next create a file in the root directory and add the following content. Here we are […]

Setting up the project Let’s start

It does this by sending it online instead of the payload associated with traditional front-end frameworks. […]

Digital User Experience and Design

By understanding and applying psychological principles designers can create more engaging, intuitive and impactful experiences for […]

Psychological principles to ensure

Design needs to accommodate comfort and engagement and prevent additional cognitive load. Artificial Intelligence and Machine […]

This human-centered approach

Is to convince users to take a specific action such as purchasing or signing up for […]