marketing Let’s look at how you can use some of the most popular social platforms effectively. Why Choose DMI? LinkeIn The professional networking platform is an ideal place to connect with leading industry experts and influencers. You can join online communities and forums to interact with other marketers, get updates, and ask questions. There are also blogs and newsletters on LinkeIn.

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That you can subscribe to in niche areas. You can also build a community by writing articles or creating a newsletter for everyone on the network using the Creator Hub. LinkeIn Live allows you to watch live events and videos from industry leaders and competitors and there are also new data  audio events. X (formerly Twitter) You can create a stream on X using carefully chosen hashtags. Stay away from ones that are too generic, such as marketing or #technology, to avoid being bombarde by irrelevant tweets. Instead do some research to see what hashtags might fit your message or campaign – to go viral or trend on the platform. Examples of tools are Ritetag, Hashtagify, and Keyhole. Due to its real-time nature, X is great for getting the scoop on breaking news or new developments.

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You can also follow other brands and industry leaders to get opinions on new developments or tips on how to use a new platform – like how to build a custom report on GA4 for example. Instagram Instagram users can search for content by specific terms or hashtags using  Sale Lead the platform’s ‘Explore’ feature. It also offers relate searches that allow you to broaden your results. It can be a powerful tool to stay on top of trends and discover valuable data, infographics, and videos. A strong influencer platform, Instagram allows you to follow creators – big and small – to track new trends and tap into any hashtags or conversations. 

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