Bait Pages: How to Increase Visits by 664% in 24 Hours. My name is Mario and I am a blogger from Madrid who talks about. After that, web positioning and how to increase visits in online projects on my personal blog Marius Marketing com . I would be lying to you if I told you that I was an expert in something. I am simply a person who, like you, fights every day to have more visibility with their online projects. I believe that to consider yourself an expert in any subject you have to be a real machine.

Tuning our bait page

The final step of the technique arrives. Therefore, in which we are going to dress our silk monkey. After that, in this step I am going to tell you all the guidelines. After that, that you must take into account in your article to have your on-page SEO well optimized job function email list and to make notes of correctly to your main keyword and the rest . On a personal note, and this is my way of working. In addition, I always take the first three Google results as a reference and try to make an article.

Finding related keywords or synonyms

At this point we already know which are the most powerful pages on our website and what is the main keyword for each of them. Therefore, now is the time to find other related keywords or synonyms. In addition, that people use to make similar searches and with those that we can “scratch” traffic. After that, them for example, that you have a website that talks about tourism in Spain and you have a Sale Lead page about. After that, the Climate in Spain that is working well for you. In addition, Now you want to find related keywords that you can add to the article to rank for them and get more visits. , for example.

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