Living a minimalist life does not mean being poor and having no property, but it is more comfortable to live simply and simply.

Minimalism is relaxing.

Minimalist is a boring, empty and meaningless life?
Do not misunderstand.

Living a minimalist life does not mean we have to live empty, bored and static without change.

It depends on the person because everyone is different

Everyone has their own style of adapting the Database minimalist concept to suit their lifestyle.

According to Tim Ferriss , a minimalist life is:

The choice-minimal lifestyle becomes an attractive tool when we consider two truths:

1) Considering options costs attention that then can’t be spent on action or present-state awareness.

2) Attention is necessary for not only productivity but appreciation.

For me, a minimalist life is getting rid of unnecessary things..

… and make room for what is more important and other pleasures.

It is a simple life that allows me to focus more and feel calmer, and not stressed.

In addition, it allows me to save more money because I only spend on things that are necessary.

What’s best to live a minimalist life?

Less stress. Less spending and less debt.

The time to maintain each item is reduced and more time to do other activities


By minimizing our belongings, it is easier Sale Lead to pack and organize our belongings.

Stinginess and minimalism are two different things.

To be stingy you don’t need to be a minimalist, even rich people can be stingy.

Even well-equipped and luxurious people can be stingy.

Everyone can be stingy.

minimalist life

But minimalism is another.

The nature of a minimalist is not to be stingy, but to be careful and only spend money on things that are necessary.

minimalist life
minimal and rare wardrobe!
If you have to buy something, it’s better to keep choosing quality products, not cheap ones.

Because quality goods (a little expensive) are better and more durable.

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