10 Tips to choose the best PrestaShop Hosting in Spain 2023

You should opt for a fast web service as it influences the loading speed of your website. You can opt for servers that use LiteSpeed ​​Web Server in PrestaShop. 10 Tips hosting or Nginx in PrestaShop VPS. For example, Raiola Networks offers these options. • Loading speed on mobile phones Why this point? Well, because if your Prestashop takes a while to load you will be losing a very large % of conversions, since today many of the sales are made from mobile devices. There are studies that say that conversions (sales). .

Automatic backups

If you are going to choose a quality job function email list Prestashop hosting, make sure that it offers automatic backups, which are very necessary as they allow you to restore an online store in case something has gone. Therefore, wrong with our website. 10 Tips.It is important to make daily backups. • Security measures A good hosting provider for PrestaShop must be protected with the necessary security measures to avoid threats such as hacks, crashes, etc.

10 Tips Hosting plan 

Power PrestaShop is a CMS that Sale Lead consumes a lot of resources, being so complete. Therefore, you should opt for a hosting plan with enough. Therefore, resources necessary for your online store to function correctly. Many people forget this, and then the store goes down. • Server optimized for PrestaShop and fast storage. A hosting that is powerful is of no use to you if it is not optimized for the needs of a CMS like  A web hosting provider specialized.

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