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What are costs of the project include such categories as construction works. Fix assets, equipment and supplies, intangible assets, costs relate to the preparation of the project. Costs of investor and author’s supervision. Support is grant in the form of a loan with the possibility of forgiveness. In the amount of a maximum of % of the loan, but this amount cannot PLN million. The maximum amount of the subsidy (loan value) is PLN million. The subsidy level, i.e. the loan value, is max. % of eligible costs. Who can apply for support? SMEs and large enterprises. Thermal modernization subsidy – Regional programs Subsidies for thermal modernization also include support under regional programs.

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These include projects aim at supporting energy efficiency, such as the development of heating systems, support for infrastructure for the production and storage of energy from renewable energy sources, development of the use of renewable energy sources, and green investments relate to heat sources and storage facilities. Here are some of them. Investments Photo Retouching to increase production capacity, Industry energy efficiency – Economy in transformation – FE for. Green investments in SMEs – Economic transformation – FE for Lower Silesia Support for infrastructure for the production and storage of energy from renewable energy sources.

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Renewable energy sources – FE for. Improving energy efficiency with renewable energy installations in large and medium-size enterprises – Energy efficiency (FENX The already mention initiative, the program, also supports energy efficiency Sale Lead projects. The subsidy is address to medium and large enterprises, and the call for applications is for November this year. Support will be given to projects whose scope of activities in relation to buildings, technical devices or installations and technological processes will justify an energy audit, which is why it will be necessary to have one at the application stage.

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