If you want to see a summary of all the taxes that a self-employed person must pay in italy. Check our calendar, which includes tax payment deadlines for people with a vat number . Do you have any questions? Contact a tax advisor or the nearest caf (centro di assistenza fiscale).

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What are the advantages of having a vat number in italy?

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There are many types of tax regimes in italy. Depending on what you need, having a vat number can have.Many advantages, such as tax and accounting .Simplifications. As well Sale Lead as reduced taxation for some categories. We recommend that you consult a tax advisor to get a general idea of ​​the advantages .And disadvantages. Involved and to understand if your business should register for vat purposes.

When you obtain the vat number, you will have the obligation. To monitor the economic movements of your business. In particular, you will have to record the invoices that you issue and receive. You will also have to prepare and submit your tax return for holders of a vat number each year. If you are registered with the chamber of commerce, you must also pay the annual fee to remain affiliated with it.

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