If you are looking to do your first Email Marketing campaigns , in this article I am going to explain what this digital marketing strategy is about. What it is for and how email marketing works with steps to take into. How It Works account to draw up a strategy from scratch. A few weeks ago I published a blog post about how to do mailing where. I explained how to use this powerful marketing tool. And since that post has worked very well and was of interest to many readers of the blog. Today I talk about another very effective way to reach the readers of a website by sending emails.

We talk about email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that uses email as a means of communication for a company or brand. To communicate with its potential customers. It is very important that  you tell users where the email comes from company data and why they receive it. This way, you will generate greater confidence in the clicks and avoid. Subscription cancellations due to distrust. Once you have confirmed that everything is correct, you can send the newsletter or schedule it for a specific date. Write a catchy and appealing title The title once again has a very great importance in a marketing strategy.

How It Works Be careful and put a

Title that is impossible not to open! Of course, try not to make it too long, I advise a maximum of 50 characters. Make use of Call-to-Action If you want to achieve a goal Sale Lead with email, don’t forget to place a highly visible and attractive call to action so that readers click where  you want and be able to measure later. Send emails at the best times It is also very important to identify the times when emails work best for you. For this, you can try sending your emails at different times to know which ones are most effective. Always add the unsubscribe option It is essential to generate trust in the user, since they know that if they wish, they can unsubscribe from your website at any time.

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