it until the end.JavaScript is a high-level programming language that was originally developed to make websites more “alive”. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is the most popular programming language for developing web-based applications. This language is able to provide logic to the website, so that the website has additional functionality and is more interactive. In this article, we will discuss “What is the JavaScript programming language?”, as well as the history and reasons for learning it. Did you know that this article was taken directly from one of the sub-modules in the Basic Learning JavaScript Programming class which was prepared by a team of Dicoding experts together with industry practitioners and validated by a team from AWS (Amazon Web Services) ? Currently, AWS provides Indonesian language classes.

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in the field of Back-End knowledge, use an efficient method. In fact, it’s not enough to just be efficient, but effective and efficient. This can improve your register and fill out the short registration form at . After registering, you will definitely get it! 100,000 Scholarships for Indonesia from Amazon Web Services Initially, JavaScript was created so whatsapp data that it could run in a browser environment and make websites more interactive. However, now you as a developer can use the JavaScript programming language in various development environments. So, it’s not just limited to the browser/client, but JavaScript can also run on the server using Node.js. What is the JavaScript programming language? JavaScript is included in the scripting language category . 

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What does it mean? One of the main characteristics of scripting languages is that code does not need to be compiled in order to run. Scripting languages use interpreters to translate the code or commands we  by machines. That’s why scripting languages don’t require a lot of code to be written so that a program can run. With just one line of code below Sale Lead you can create a program that displays the text “Hello, World!” to the screen. console.log(“Hello, World!”); Simple, right? That is one of the main characteristics of JavaScript as a scripting language. Of course, it feels incomplete when we already know what JavaScript is, but don’t know the history behind it. History of JavaScript? JavaScript was created in 1995 by Brendan Eich, a programmer from Netscape. 

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