Having a sense of purpose is important for our lives.

Okinawa is the southernmost region of Japan and includes thousands of small islands that are small dots on the blue Pacific ocean.

These islands are home to the healthiest and happiest people on the planet.

The Japanese have an average life expectancy of 83 years, which is the highest in the world.

In general, women have a higher life expectancy with an average of 86 years, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) report.

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The stories found in Okinawa are fantastic

Despite Being Classified as the Poorest Region Whatsapp Mobile Number List in Japan. The People of Okinawa Are Recognized as Having. The Highest Life Expectancy Rate


Of Course There Are Many Reasons.

But One of the Most Important Things.

Contributing to This is That Most Okinawans Have a Strong Sense of Purpose in Life.

The People of Okinawa Are Known for Their Culture. Of Always Maintaining a Positive Outlook and Striving to Achieve Ikigai. However, Which is a Concept That Means. However, Purpose for Life’ or ‘purpose for Waking Up Every Morning.

Everyone has an Ikigai .

Whether serving the community, taking care of grandchildren, gardening or anything else.

And based on what we can see from their high life expectancy, it is clear that having a purpose in life will make us happy and live healthy.

Have you ever thought every morning what is the purpose of our life after we wake up

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Yes, it is certain that as Muslims we are lucky because Sale Lead we have been told that the purpose of our lives is to worship God.

Do what you are told and leave what is forbidden.

Every morning we wake up for morning prayer (worship) – that’s already an ikigai for us.

The great religion of Islam amazed

But what is the secondary purpose of life that we can achieve while we are in this world?

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