Key Tips for Getting the Most Out of Google Remarketing. While Google Remarketing is – technically speaking – easy to implement. Which makes working effectively can be quite more complicated. Marketer’s Guide to Google Remarketing Here are some key things every marketer should try Don’t just target. There are a lot of different ways you can segment. If you’re used to Facebook Advertising, then you already know how ad targeting works in general. Remarketing targeting, however, is a little different. Google itself and many guides recommend starting with remarketing to all visitors from the last days… but no matter how much you optimize your ads, you will find that your conversion rate is not that high. It’s much more effective to create ads to target people more narrowly for example, you can remarket a specific product that people have seen by implementing specific tracking code on that page.

Don’t sink your entire quarter’s

your audience, including things like time spent on your site and number of pages visited. You might want to serve a different ad to someone who spent  C Level Contact List   seconds and viewed a single page than to someone who spent minutes and viewed pages. Start with a low advertising budget As with any form of advertising, you will likely have to engage in some trial and error to figure out what your audience is for.  budget into remarketing right away. Start with a low budget for example, a maximum daily spend of or per day and then adjust your ads from there.

Consider making an extra offer

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Cap how often people can see your ads Google itself recommends doing this setting a “frequency cap” to limit how often the same person is   Sale Lead exposed to the same advertisement. After all, if they’ve seen it three times and ignored it, they won’t probably buy just because you show it to them a fourth time. You can cap ad groups or entire campaigns, not just individual ads, and you can set a maximum limit per day, week or month.  If possible, offer an extra incentive for the people you are remarketing to a discount code. it could be enough to tip the scales on their decision whether to buy.

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