Sometimes it takes a few small changes to your rules or habits to get great results. If you have trouble digesting food, have stomach pains and bloating all year round, try making some small changes during the summer season. With the help and practice of these tips, you will be able to reduce belly bloating and feel light and comfortable in your bathing suit. Avoid salt, fatty food and carbonated drinks Before you decide what to eat, remember that salty and fatty food is the number one enemy of your body. Sodas will bloat you, and make your belly stand out during your beach vacation. If you are lactose intolerant, you should avoid ice cream, milk and milk products.

Be careful in the amount

Be careful in the amount or size of your meals Regardless of their content, large meals cause bloating. During the period you are on vacation, try to eat several times during the day, but always consuming smaller meals, to avoid the difficulties of digesting food and bloating the stomach. Don’t be fooled by fast food Water and swimming make you feel Estonia WhatsApp Number List more tired and hungrier than usual, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately stop at the first fast food restaurant and order a sandwich or some other fast food. Cook the right foods the right way Leave the beans or peas in the water overnight.

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Don’t be fooled by fast food

This way, after they are cooked and ready to eat. They will reduce gas and bloating. Avoid swallowing too much air there are certain habits that unconsciously make it possible to swallow too much air. To avoid this, you should chew your food Italy Phone Number List with your mouth closed, do not chew gum. Avoid carbonated drinks, eat slowly, do not drink liquids with a pipe (pipe) and do not smoke. The beneficial effects of proper breathing are of incomparable value: increased blood supply with oxygen. Increased elimination of toxins in the body, strengthening of the immune system. Lowering of blood pressure, improvement of circulation.

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