A salary in Adsense. Well, I’m going to start Unlock the first with the biggest news of all: I’m going to raffle off the Adsense niche, which generates about 500 euros per month, which I’ve been talking about in this series of articles . How can it be yours? I leave here the link where all the information is to access this giveaway . But in case you don’t want to leave the post… very briefly: I’m doing this as part of Black Friday 2021 Therefore, for us this is a way to encourage sales on Black Friday And at the same time, for you it is a possible way to achieve recurring income Summary .

Leave here the link Unlock the where all the information

If you buy DinoRANK (any plan) from the link above you category email list automatically enter the niche draw The best of all : not only chance will intervene, you yourself can increase the chances of it being your turn, getting “more ballots”… how? What has been said is explained here (same link). Now yes… Let’s talk about SEO. SEO opinions from blog readers… In the previous post I tried to encourage reader involvement and asked you in the comments: “ What would be the next step you would take with this niche to make more money?” “.

Launching the membership he came to Madrid once to meet us

Many of you have responded, some Sale Lead with really elaborate answers, but the one I have chosen as the best SEO contribution has been the following: Best SEO comment, by Juan, SEO warriors.club student I’ll give you a little context before continuing. Juan is a student of SEO Warriors, in fact I remember that the first year after launching the membership he came to Madrid once to meet us. In fact, some time ago he has worked quite a bit on the Call To Click niches and here he himself gives his testimony that with this same Dicom niche he has managed to generate 1,000 euros per month. That is the potential of that keyword and its derivatives at the micro-niche level, when they are at the top .

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