When we are stuck with the feelings we feel at the moment, we will only end up thinking about problems, instead of moving forward towards what we want to achieve (Point B).

Thinking is good, but purpose is the result of practice.

It took me more than 5 years to master photography.

I’m also not good at writing, but after consistently writing every week for almost 4 years, I started to like this activity.

Another example is JK Rowling, it took 20 years to master writing

David Beckham spent time making 1000 kicks Phone Number List a day before becoming the world’s free kick expert.

A lot of people is like to be something, but it never becomes their purpose because they never schedule time to practice it.

Imagine having something important that pulls you out of bed each morning.

Imagine focusing your energy on something that is important to you and that fulfills you.

Most people think they need good planning, equipment and experience, or help from others.

… but really what we need is to practice continuously.

Wisdom and experience will come later.

Passion, purpose, and mastery aren’t the result of inconsistent effort.

Choose something fun and useful to make and start working on it

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Make progress with it, because that is more important Sale Lead than constantly wasting time thinking about choosing something that feels right to us.

We can always change to do other things at a later time, if what we choose does not fit with us despite our efforts.

Too often, we wait until we find the “right thing”, which means we end up finding nothing.
To be honest, to be a minimalist you have to live with less than 50 things, can’t own a car, television and house.

The minimalist lifestyle tends to a simple and tidy environment, getting rid of unnecessary things.

And only live with the essentials in moderation.

It is a relaxed and calm life without being too obsessed with gadgets and following current life trends.

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