What, Newsjacking is a Marketing technique that consists of creating. Taking advantage of news that has recently appeared in the media.  That is very striking for public opinion, with the aim of helping to publicize a brand. It is a very original way to attract the public’s attention, since it takes. Dvantage of the pull of viral news to make your brand known. This strategy whose translation into Spanish is, as its name indicates. “news hijacking”, is the work of David Meerman Scott. Economist specialized in marketing and sales techniques, author of the book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR ” . The advantages of newsjacking. You may not be seduced by this marketing technique a priori. However well designed it can bring many benefits to your brand and, ultimately.

The advantages of newsjacking

Now that you know what it is, let’s talk about the steps you must follow to create an effective strategy. With which you can benefit from the advantages of this marketing technique. STEP 1: Constantly research the most current news in your. Sector Observe everything that happens around you. You must be constantly updated with everything that happens in your sector to be able to get the exclusive, even before they happen. Yes, sometimes you even have to anticipate events or occurrences that you know will happen. Document them, and be the first to announce the news. look for the relationship between the email leads news and your brand. This technique consists of creating content that not only tells the news. That is the task of the media and news agencies. But also relates it to your brand.

You gain authority

Newsjacking what, People value quality that is also original. This tactic helps you become a benchmark in your sector. Making you have more and more people interested in your brand. Take advantage of this circumstance to include them in your funnel with. Good Email Sale Lead marketing strategy . What are the characteristics of good newsjacking. Implementing this tactic, it is very important that you know well the strengths that make this technique. Very effective and gives maximum visibility to brands. Not everything goes when it comes to “kidnapping news.” I want to share with you the characteristics that make. These go viral. Speed The moment in which you publish your  is key to success . If someone from your competition seizes the news before.

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