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The smosh channel set up in 2005 makes sketch comey videos (one featuring pokemon that broke youtube records at the time). Fast forward to 2022 and creator luis fernando flores alvarado aka fernanfloo is now at the top of the youtube popularity list with 45 million subscribers. Popular games feature on youtube are minecraft. Roblox. And grand theft auto. Livestreaming is also becoming increasingly popular on youtube with a deloitte report finding over a third of frequent gamers stream their gameplay and 45 percent watch others doing the same. Youtube gaming’s managing director. Ryan wyatt explaine the network’s plans for 2022 and beyond for game creators: another game streaming platform on the rise is twitch which offers marketing opportunities for brands.

Current influencer marketing statistics

The pattern of squares and white space (which is known as the “quiet zone”) in each QR code is unique, so it can be tied back to one piece of online data. The codes can also be read from all directions, meaning the user can quickly scan it using their smartphone and land on the intended web page in seconds.

For example, a restaurant can turn the URL for their menu into a QR code. When a customer scans the code, they can be directed straight to the menu page.

how latest database to build an effective influencer marketing campaign top influencer marketing tools watch our team talk video to find out how influencer marketing is changing the game: influencer marketing statistics 2022 by 2025. 

So take time to create eye-catching and relevant images

So take time to create eye-catching and relevant images for your videos. Playlists – creating playlists in certain subjects can help to categorize your content and also helps in search rankings. Close captions – a lot of people watch videos on mute so including close captions is important and also improves accessibility. Cross-channel promotion – don’t just stick to youtube for promoting your content. Cross-post your videos on the platform to other social networks to drive traffic. Make a scheule – you don’t have to post a new video daily but have a scheule that suits you and creates an expectation for your subscribers.

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