Once we know what mode we’re in we can conditionally change the page title and then decide what attributes to add to the form markup. For the edit form we need to add a property and set it to . We also nee to update after saving the contact details. To accomplish all this we can take advantage of the fact that the attribute will be omitted from the tag if the condition returns. This means when returne it will compile to the following but when returne it will compile to in its update state note that the form action is. This query string parameter is adde because we are using the method override package and it will make our router respond to the request.

Out of the box it is possible

To send and request but the browser cannot. This means that if we want to handle the disable case we nee to copy our route handler and make it responsive to the browser our code dry. Let’s go ahead and Philippines Telegram Data add that to the end and let’s update a new route handler and hopefully now there’s nothing too mysterious here. At the beginning of the handler we get the contact from the request parameters. We then find the contact we want to update and replace it with the new contact create base on the form data we receive. When handling the request we first render the sidebar template with the update contact list.

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We then render the contact

Template using the update contact and use the results of these two calls to combine our response. As before we use out-of-band updates to create a flash message informing. The user that the contact has been Cyprus Phone Number List updatd. At this point you should be able to update your contacts. Contact Details Updated Successfully Deleting Contacts The last piece of the puzzle is the ability to delete contacts. Let’s add a button to the contact template to do this. Note that it’s best to use a form and a button to make the request. Forms are designe for actions that result in changes such as deletions. This ensures semantic correctness.

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