10 Trends in Web Design for 2016 + Examples. When we start a new online project we have to look at the Web Design trends of 2016 or the next. We don’t want the time and money invested to go to waste. For example: What would happen if we didn’t make a website that worked perfectly on both mobile devices and computers. That usability and therefore the user experience when using our website would suffer. Which results in an increase in the bounce rate and a drop in the rate of recurring users.

Account registration

¬†Given the proliferation of social networks. Therefore, the number of accounts, users and passwords to identify yourself has multiplied. What solution did you find to solve this problem. Surely it sounds familiar to you, they started letting users log in with their social accounts. For example, Hootsuite, you don’t need to create a email contact list new account. Therefore, simply by logging in with one of your social profiles you can start using their application. This way you save yourself learning a username and its corresponding password.

Flat Design vs Material Design

We see that everything leads to minimalism, it is a trend within any type of graphic design. From there came flat design, a design based on flat colors and simple images. A design trend that is still very much alive and that I think will last for a few years yet. Especially Sale Lead because it is easy to implement within web design and the use of this type of flat images generates light files. With which we improve the loading times of our web pages.

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