Free SEO, Social Media, Blogging and Personal Brand Course

Free SEO, Social Media, Blogging and Personal Brand Course. This is a very personal free course where I am going to tell you all the strategies. In addition, that I have applied in the last 3 years in the Marketing and Web Blog and they have given me such good results. In addition, with the aim that you can apply them to your Blog and Make it easier for you to get a Successful Blog and stand out in your professional sector. You don’t have to subscribe to access this free SEO, Social Media, Blogging and Personal Branding course. In addition, you just have to be eager to learn throughout the 16,000-word course.

Basic Aspects to Create a Successful Blog

In addition, Basic Aspects to Create a Successful Blog. We begin this free Blogging course with a video where I am going to summarize and detail. In addition, the most basic aspects of the correct configuration of a Blog in WordPress. By default, WordPress is not well configured email database and does not have all the necessary plugins to have a solid and optimized base for my web project. I am going to explain several actions that you have to perform.

Feed in summary mode

Something that not many people know is that there are tools that are capable of reading the content of our blog feed and automatically publishing it on other blogs or forums. For this reason, and to prevent all of the content from being plagiarized. In addition, it is interesting that just show a snippet of that feed. Someone once asked me how clearly this practice was going to harm those people who follow us through an RSS reader like Feedly. In addition, but to tell the truth my number of Feedly readers does not stop growing and is already around 3,000 and has tripled in the past.

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