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For this reason. It is extremely important for you to understand who your customer is. What stage of the customer life cycle they are in and how you can focus on what is essential – guiding your marketing with data. You study various reports and summaries. Prepare materials for the meeting and think about the next things that ne to be done. Everyone else is doing it too and thinking the same things. In this case. The problem is that too much time is spent on the generic reporting of the marketing itself and the study of their basic figures. And the most important information – how to keep the customer committ. Or to engage new customers – is left with less attention.

Stick to the same model that we have been

The end result is that we stick to the same model that we have been doing all the time and hope that it works as well as it has until now. Until one day it doesnt work anymore. Essential questions to b2b leads ask when analyzing customer behavior how about stopping for a moment. Putting that customer centricity into practice and asking yourself some questions? What is your relationship with your customers? Is it a long-term customer relationship. Does it only last for a while. Or does it end immiately after the first conversion? How big a part of your customer base are long-term customer relationships? Are half of your customer base one-time inactive customers

Marketing strategy rfm analysis

when and how often your customers shop for your products and services. And how valuable they are to you. On a tactical level. For example. We can send highly target messages to top customers – those who are more likely to place another Sale Lead order. The rfm model gives us understanding and information. On the basis of which we can also comprehensively optimize marketing by developing different channels and. For example. Marketing budgets. Rfm analysis and segmentation helps you build a strategy for customer management and development bas on the data you already have.

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