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The rfm model is an effective marketing strategy rfm analysis and segmentation helps you build a strategy for customer management and development bas on the data you already have. The model can be widely us in various industries. Both on the b2b and b2c side. Customer marketing according to the rfm model is a strategy bas on segmentation built on the basis of customer behavior. The strategy groups your customers bas on their purchasing behavior –

My own work for a long time

Rfm analysis should be done using automation tools with the help of rfm analysis. An understanding of your customers is form and a forecast business email list is creat about who is most likely to convert next and when. At the same time. One of the most important and least utiliz priction models is form. Which is worth its weight in gold for every company – who is at the greatest risk of becoming passive and becoming a lost customer. Rfm analysis can be done manually – by doing the good old endless excel exercise. Or automatically – using modern marketing and sales tools in both ways.

Understand and define the criteria

You must first understand and define the criteria for the behavior on which the rfm model is built. If you choose to Sale Lead automate your rfm analysis using modern marketing and sales tools. Defining and refining your criteria is the only manual work you ne to do. The form segments are constantly updat bas on current event data. So you can go directly to utilizing the information from the rfm analysis to develop marketing and sales. With the help of various marketing and sales technologies.

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