Rm analysis and segmentation is very simple and quick to implement. And it helps you understand the behavior of your customers in your store and throughout your digital ecosystem. Rfm in practice – how to use it? The information produc by the rfm model helps to identify changes in customer segments. Which further help you guide the emphasis of marketing and sales measures. Rfm segmentation can be customiz. But i recommend using the following model as a basis.

You to use a base that works and gives

Which allows you to use a base that works and gives you direct visibility into the structure of your customer base. When business lead you realize that it is also first and foremost a way to think holistically about the different stages of your clients. The meanings of the measures you take begin to open up in a completely different way. New customers customers who have recently made their first purchase. These are the customers you can influence with the right measures. As long as you act quickly.

Customers clients identifi as developmental

Developing customers clients identifi as developmental using various behavioral values. For these Sale Lead customers. Relevant communication and content at the right time is of primary importance. The goal is to transfer customers to the establish segment through various measures. Establish customers customers whose trust and appreciation have already been won and they generate steady cash flow. For these customers. Relevant brand marketing.

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