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This ne to vindicate their culture is what fills the Mexican nation and all of America with identity. The apparent simplicity of the language only seeks to convey a lesson from Rulfo, hence the ne to incorporate historical facts and qualify them with dialogues that lead to reflection as seen in Tell them not to kill us ! : – Tell them not to kill me, Justino! Go, go tell them that. That for charity. So tell them. Tell them to do it for charity.

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This social identification is repeat in the story We Are Very Poor : – Everything here is going from bad to worse. Last week my aunt Jacinta di, and on Saturday, when we had already buri her and the sadness was beginning to subside, it start to rain like never before. Pro Páramo deserves a special mention , where the author builds b2b leads a chaotic universe due to sin, revenge desires or the vindication of an individual, social and political order. That is why the shadows of the dead refuse to be forgotten without first freeing themselves from their evils, calming their desire for revenge and, meanwhile, they get mir in the mire of remorse.

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On the other hand, there is the renewal of language through the incorporation of literary resources . Thus we find the use of internal monologue or the various perspectives of the narrator that involve the reader. Thus, Rulfo’s innovation and the use of language as part of his narrative discourse Sale Lead establish it with its own aesthetic dimension that contributes to the renewal of literature in Latin America. Therefore, as we commemorate one hundr years since his birth, we have nothing left but to recognize the merit of the Mexican writer and his contribution to America and the world.

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