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Over time, various artistic manifestations have emerg in contravention of the prevailing uses and codes before the configuration of this new panorama, calling into question the classic distinction, due to Dwight MacDonald, between High Culture , Masscult and Midcult . recycl beethoven: notes on mass culture MacDonald (1983) is severe in his criticism: the products of Masscult (or mass culture) that circulate through the mass mia of distribution, and substantially different from the products of high culture (think of Greek philosophy, Renaissance painting or classical music, among other manifestations), are “non-culture” and even “anti-culture.

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One of the products of Masscult is rock and roll (and, by extension, the creative flow associat with contemporary popular music). Curiously, in this genre there has been a curious appropriation (and reworking) of classical music, a typical business email list element of high culture. And the great Ludwig van Beethoven has been the favorite in this situation. The course that his music has follow, or, let’s say better, some of his most famous compositions in the context of popular culture, or, to use an expression coin by Dwight MacDonald, once incorporat into the Masscult circuit, has been certainly unique.

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 Let’s see. Perhaps one of the earliest allusions to the figure of this immortal musician occurr in Chuck Berry’s song, Roll over Beethoven . Although melodies from the German musician’s work are not perform in Sale Lead any passage of the song, a kind of proclamation is launch: Chuck Berry promotes overriding Beethoven to give rise to the reign of the new monarch: rock and roll ( although at that time he still calls it Rhythm and Blues ). Nothing more and nothing less than the incipient emergence of rebellion against what is politically correct.

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