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 We were in 1956, and a few years later The Beatles (and then many more bands) would make their own version of this song, which appears on their album With The Beatles , from 1963. Much later, in the early 1970s, Jean-Jacques Perrey, a famous creator of electronic music, cover a work by Beethoven. It was “Marcia alla turca” (also known as “The Turkish March”), a piece of incidental music compos for The Ruins of Athens , a work by the German playwright August von Kotzebue. Perrey call his song “The elephant never forgets”, a song includ on his album Moog Indigo .

Love and Freedom Are

The arrangement that this French musician made is really great. But it was a Latin American comian and extraordinary screenwriter, Roberto Gómez business lead Bolaños, the popular Chespirito , who would popularize it in these parts. Who hasn’t heard the curtain of El chavo del eight ? Here it is , so that those who listen enthusiastically to it when they were children, as a prelude to each program, remember the song. And in case you didn’t know it, here is the piece of music compos by Beethoven.

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During the golden era of rock in Spanish, a song written and perform by an Argentine punk group, Los Violadores, was heard here . The song, which recreates the atmosphere of Anthony Burgess’s novel, A Clockwork Sale Lead Orange , aggressive and rebellious, is titl “1, 2 Ultraviolent”, and is part of the album What’s Happening Now, Eh? , which this band publish in 1985. The beginning of this song is nothing less than the best-known section of the melody of the fourth movement of the Ninth Symphony , a work written by Beethoven in 1824, three years before his death.

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