Letting your customers provide feedback shows that you value their opinion. This is also a great way to build a stronger relationship with them as you create the best customer service possible.

It also allows them to be more attached to your product or service. Best part? This prompts recommendations. Recommendations are the easiest and cheapest way to get new customers.

Learn and improve

Every expert knows how to test, track and measure. So how can you measure your social selling?

View the engagement rate of your content – ​​track which conversations you’re participating in and how much whatsapp mobile number list value you can share. Also measure the likes, comments, and shares you have.
Check that you are sending the right impression through your content – ​​again, not all social selling turns into sales but you have to lay some valuable foundation that will help you build stronger and more trusting relationships with your followers through your content.
Click on the link – encourage your followers to check out your blog or website too.
Check referrals – knowing the stem of the referrals you make while doing social selling, you can see which one is working for whom.

By measuring your efforts in social selling, you will know what is working and which strategies need improvement.

Start social selling now

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With the pandemic still going on around the world, almost all networks and relationships are now being brought online, so now is the perfect time to start social selling.

Also, your potential market is already engaged in social buying. Given the large number of individuals using social media today, the opportunities for marketers to make social selling are enormous.

Split Dragon is a great tool to get Sale Lead insightful data about Lazada and Shopee. You can use this data to provide powerful insights to your potential buyers.

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