Because it is online , we edit a repository / project simultaneously with other people in different places. Therefore, team in compiling a folder containing programming-related files . How to Use GitHub for Beginners This section will explain the steps you need to follow to use GitHub. #First Step – Join Account github is – homepage Figure 1.  learning JavaScript! What is the JavaScript programming language? Developers must know. – end Also read the following selected articles: Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship is Now Open Reskilling and Tips for Mastering Knowledge for Developers 5 JavaScript Frameworks for Web Programmers 5 Reasons Why JavaScript is Important for Web Programmers Registration for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program is open for 100,000 general participants The COVID-19 pandemic that occurred around 2020 has had an impact on many people, such as.

GitHub Join Page Of course

 The first step you have to do is visit the GitHub website. In this first stage, you can scroll down first to find out about product knowledge from GitHub itself. Then, you are required to register a GitHub account by pressing the ” sign-up ” button or filling in the white form directly as in Figure 1. On the page entitled ” Create Your Account “, please fill in the several forms provided. After that ws number list there will be a very interesting verification, such as rotating pictures of animals. Verification When Creating a Github Account Figure 2. Verification when creating a Github account #Step Two – Verify E-mail Address After that, you will be asked several questions regarding your information. Please fill in some of these questions. Fill out the Github form Figure 3. Filling out the Github Form Unfortunately, this platform uses one language, namely English.

GitHub will send a message via registered

 So, for those of you who don’t speak English, try to learn again. After that, e-mail containing e-mail address verification . Github Email Verification Figure 4. Github Email Verification #Step Three – Complete the Account Profile After successfully logging into your GitHub account, it would be Sale Lead a good idea if you filled in your profile completely. In the top right corner of the page you can click the photo button and select the settings menu . Then fill in the form from name to preferred spoken language to make it easier for us to communicate in the future. After that, save all the forms that have been filled in. #Step Four – Start a Project You can use this step to ” read the guide “, only here you start the project directly to shorten the time. The page that appears after pressing .

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