starting to move into the digital realm, JavaScript has become one of in the industry. If you search for the keyword “JavaScript” on a job search page such as JobStreet, almost 1,500 job vacancies in Indonesia will appear that you can apply for (March 2021 data). . Not only are there many people interested, jobs related to JavaScript are also quite highly valued. According to data taken from the site, the average salary for a Front End Developer is IDR 7,500,000 per month (March 2021 data) and for a Back End Developer it is IDR 8,500,000 per month (March 2021 data). What do you think? Does knowing some of the advantages of JavaScript make you even more enthusiastic about starting to learn.

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programmers and developers. We often hear the term WFH ( Work From Home ) or remote itself as a solution to the pandemic. From WFH activities, there are web applications that can help you as a software developer. Maybe you already know, the website is called “GitHub”. So, in this article we ws database will discuss “What is GitHub?”, and how to use it for beginners. Currently, GitHub has become a trend among developers because of its functions that can make work easier. This convenience is the main service of this product. What’s interesting about this platform is that we can post . The results of our project / repo / source code so that other users can see it . Through these posts, we can get likes , suggestions, and can even modify them too. For more details, we turn to the topic of what GitHub.

What is GitHub What is Github

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Is in the following blogĀ  Github Logo Through the homepage on GitHub , it is stated that GitHub is a special developer platform that was created because it was inspired by the way programmers work. From open source to business, we can host and review code, manage projects , and build software with more than 56 million users worldwide. Simply put, GitHub is a project Sale Lead management , code versioning system , as well as a social networking platform for developers all over the world. There are lots of functions that can be used by developers, so this platform makes it easier for developers to develop work. Before discussing much about GitHub, you need to know that GitHub itself has a parent version, namely “git”. Git itself is a VCS ( Version Controlled System ) software that is run offline .

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