This afternoon I bought myself a ham, jolín, which I miss a lot from when my company and my wife’s company gave us one each for Christmas and we found two “jamonacos” at home. What a ritual of breaking ham and snacking before lunch or dinner, which lasted until the beginning of March or April… table of Contents A Little Inciso: Recovering the FMF (Follow My Friend) The difference between counting visits and counting conversions Ways to set goals in Analytics The MailChimp problem

A Little Inciso: Recovering the FMF (Follow My Friend)

Today I have to make a short stop to tell you what Diana Garcés has done in recent days. She reminded me of this block of Follow My Friend that she had more than forgotten. But not only that, she has managed to saturate my list of comments pending response. Did you know? It turns out that she was feeling unwell these last few days and she decided to read and comment top industry data on all my posts (absolutely all of them) as a hobby. How do I appreciate this? It can’t be done. So my Follow My Friend recovered thanks to her goes to Diana Garcés, author of 3 fantastic blogs that I will let you discover. Start with this one, her personal one: The Blog of Diana Garcés .

The difference between counting visits and counting conversions

The first thing I think we should be clear about is the reason for these posts and it lies in understanding the difference between counting visits and counting conversions. The most normal thing is that we use Google Analytics to count and analyze the visits we receive to our Website or Blog. There, we will find indexes about where the visits come from, how long they stay on Sale Lead our page, whether they are new or recurring visitors, etc. Now, when there are actions on our Website or Blog that constitute an objective, such as email subscription, the analysis of visits will fall short of answering questions such as where do those who finally subscribe come from? Or from what page or post have you decided to subscribe?

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