Hello! Did you know? I’m new! Today I want to present you my first Wordpres plugin . Tachan tachan!!! Don’t see the illusion it makes me. But I have to tell you one thing, I’m not doing it right. I’m impatient. Which leads me to reflect on when it is best to launch a new product . Without a doubt Steve Jobs was a master at this with how he has done it with Apple throughout his life. Is it better to get ahead of launching it as soon as possible? Or is it better to wait until it is finished and failed? I’m not sure. What do you think?

What does Scrollytics do?

To understand what and why we must start with a simple question: what percentage of visitors read your posts category email list completely (scroll to the bottom)? How many of them stay at the top? How many go down to half? From the questions, which I assume you will find interesting, this idea emerged and has given rise to this plugin: [piopialo] Scrollytics, a WordPress plugin that records the scroll of each visit in Analytics .[/piopialo] That’s nothing.

How to install Scrollytics

The installation is very, very simple. Download the .zip file from this link. Go to the Dashboard of your WordPress blog and open Plugins->Add New. There, instead of searching, click on “upload”. Locate the .zip file you downloaded. Click upload and, once uploaded, simply click on activate plugin. And that’s it. But she is already completely there. No more to tell about the plugin nor more to tell about how to Sale Lead install it. Well, I’m lying, if it must be told: In case you want to make your other plugin, tell you that I have based it on this free-to-use library called Scroll Depth. I haven’t uploaded the plugin to the WordPress repository yet because my English is terrible so Isabel and Paula are going to translate it for me into super cool English. Thanks girls! I have opened Pandora’s box. Piopialo will be next. And an apology. 

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