We’re already with the little words eh?? Well yes! And with “good chicha”. But, first things first: In my previous post I told you that I was going to tell you a personal anecdote and in the end, since the post was too long, I decided not to do it. So we have to do it today, but in a “take it now” way. Let random thinking flow to enhance your creativity Well yes, it turns out that, when my little one gets a little upset with the gas (you stuck up, as I say), I take her in my arms and walk around the house dancing and singing like the Indians of North America .

Indians of North America

Of course, you can imagine me. Because it turns out that, I don’t know about you, but I have no industry email list idea about Indian songs so I just let it out… “eiya nai e yaneiya yanei yainawua unda ya eiya ne ague nei yan han da”. That’s what I call random thinking or what they say “you let yourself go, you crazy guy.” In short, although it may seem like a lie, I don’t always sing the same thing, but rather it changes depending on the mood, tiredness or what is going through your head at that moment. And do things happen, questions? Well yes! And that’s where I want to get to : post ideas appear! (like this).

Midenlace, the new update of my plugin

And ideas for new features for Iron appear! And others appear, that there is no milk! In short, it doesn’t rain when it rains, but the girl ends up falling asleep and my thoughts relax… So, [piopialo] dances like an Indian from time to time to be more creative[/piopialo]. There he left the anecdote… Midenlace, the new update of my plugin Of course, there is little to tell about Sale Lead this, since the anecdote came to me too close to making a decent post. Ains, I will be a father but I still have the same nose. Ha ha ha. Anyway, the crux of the post: I have released an update to my VCGS Toolbox plugin , which adds a shortcode that allows you to easily measure clicks to a link by registering them as events in Google Analytics . The use is, as you can see in the video, really simple.

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