The latest study by IAB Spain reflects an increase of more than 6%

Although slightly below expectations, the budget percentage being dedicated to digital advertising continues to show signs of growth. This is the conclusion reached by the 2022 Digital Media Advertising Investment Study prepared by IAB Spain. Where it is estimated that the last quarter of the course will close with an increase in investment figures between six and twelve percent. hundred. This is the second annual analysis presented by this association and includes the data collected until last August. As well as the forecast for the remainder of the year. To begin with, the direction that investments in Display are taking stands out,.Whose growth variations are currently negative. With an estimate that does not reach two percent. Well below the range of between six and eleven percent. 

A format that calls for renewal

This small decline in advertisements displayed in the form of banners is fundamentally caused by the decline experienced by one of its top industry data components. Display Non Video. While the forecast offered at the beginning of the year showed a possible increase of between five and ten percent. Investment in this area registers a striking year-on-year decline in negative numbers. For Lekaroz, the causes must be sought in the age of this type of formats. Which many editors prefer to replace with others of higher quality. Just the opposite happens with Branded Content. A plot to which publishers would allocate around seventy million euros if only the increase of between zero and five percent now foreseen by the report occurs. 

Not everything is Display

Beyond the Display area, digital advertising investment in Social Networks also presents a promising perspective for the last curve of 2022. According to the Sale Lead IAB Spain report. This will be one of the media in which the most will be invested this season. Potentially reaching one thousand three hundred million euros if everything goes according to plan: a rise of between four and ten percent. However, these are figures that are also lower than what was reflected in the first study. Where the rise was marked around twelve points. Finally, it only remains to mention the panorama that other categories such as Search, Digital Audio and Outdoor Digital Advertising are expected to experience.

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