Barcelona hosts the IV Business Automation Event specialized

The IV Business Automation Event. Until now known as the Marketing Automation Event. Being held for the first time in person with the aim of facilitating business networking and direct. Personal contact with automation professionals. The set of technological tools that help automatically manage strategies and processes in the digital field. The EBA has established itself as the annual meeting point where speakers specialized in digital present and debate the latest trends in automation in business. The event will allow attendees to get to know or deepen their knowledge of current tools and how their correct implementation allows optimizing the routines for creating and distributing digital content and information from the various departments.

Digital areas for companies

The eight speakers, most of them women, work in such as Holaluz, ISDIN, PdPaola, Boehringer Ingelheim, Payfit, Make, Sendinblue category email list and Selligent. The evolution from Marketing to Business Automation had to be. Since currently companies require ecosystems. Applications that are fully integrated with automated information flows . This meeting point aims to focus on this current technological need and promote synergy between professionals.» Those registered for this event will be able to access a 3-hour training and in-person attendees will be able to access a special experience accompanied by an afterwork session.

The hopes of organization

To further increase attendance from last year. When more than 2,000 participants gathered in a session that was exclusively streaming . This event Sale Lead takes on special relevance in the current context, since with the complete digitalization of processes and the rise of online purchases. More and more companies demand profiles that are capable of correctly handling technology to automate digital processes. This event has the support of important companies in the sector such as Sendinblue, Make, Raiola Networks, Selligent, Payfit and Curious , which with the help of their sponsorship make this in-person edition possible.

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