Five Spanish startups access the Moonwalkers incubation

MKTG Spain and RPM Sports have today revealed the five startups that will begin the Moonwalkers program, an initiative to incubate and accelerate projects in the field of creativity and the experiential sector, which they have launched in collaboration with Impact Hub. The launch event for the initiative took place today at the Experience Center (former Icona II pavilion) of the Madrid in Game Video Game Campus.

These Living Lab of MKTG companies

Will begin on November 21 the three-month acceleration program for their projects in the and RPM Sports . Therefore, among all of them, they industry email list will provide very interesting developments to the sector in relation to gamification, the hybridization between the metaverse and web3, the production and management of cultural projects, the design of spaces through bioarchitecture and the tokenization of communities. With the launch of Moonwalkers, both companies, always with a focus on difference and innovation , seek to grow the experiential category from the base. To achieve this.

General director of MKTG Spain

Through this initiative they provide the talent and innovative solutions necessary to generate change and become relevant as a sector, at an ideal Sale Lead moment in which experiences have become essential to generate connection. Jose Ignacio Hernández, in his speech at the event, explained that “Moonwalkers is a project of pure innovation, the reflection of our way of working and that seeks to help players in the experiential market that are small in size, but great in disruption, to build the future of our industry. All this, because we work with the conviction that a paradigm shift is necessary and we are not going to wait for it to happen, but rather we promote it by removing the foundations and building the future of experiential marketing with the legitimacy that comes from being one of the main actors in our sector. 

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