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How brand journalism was born
It looks like a contemporary creation, a recent profession; but in reality the prototype of brand journalism dates back to 1895 , when an agricultural machinery company published the first issue of The Furrow magazine, dedicated to farmers . The Furrow represented a resounding editorial success capable of reaching over 4 million readers, on a par with the historic Rolling Stones .

According to many the case of The Furrow represents the first example of brand journalism. A corporate journal, born to promote news and values ​​related to the John Deere farm.  Which unexpectedly establishes itself as a leader of information in the agricultural.

To arrive at the first definition of “brand journalism” it will be necessary to wait for 2004, when Larry Light, marketing manager of McDonald’s, applied a new communication technique to the famous fast-food brand.

With the name “brand journalism” Light intended to designate:

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“The chronicle of the various things that happen to the world of a brand, through the days and years. This  we create real value that is perceived forever by the consumer”.

Larry Light’s Intuition
In the early 2000s, it became clear to Light that traditional Russia Phone Number List marketing was out of date. At the time, McDonald’s was continually bombarded with attacks on the unhealthy diet promoted by its menus. To strengthen the brand’s reputation , therefore, much more was needed than the classic advertising of the happy smiling family. As the famous saying goes «every crisis generates an opportunity».
And so it was that Larry Light invented brand journalism to revive the tarnished image of McDonald’s.

The new marketing strategy adopted by Larry Light was based on total transparency. He opened the doors of the famous fast-food chain to the public and established a conversation with them . The result was amazing: the excellent brand reputation that McDonald’s still enjoys today is also due to the brilliant intuition of Light.

Brand Journalism and the Crisis of Traditional Journalism

The role of lifeboat played by brand journalism in the face of the crisis of traditional journalism has seemed increasingly evident since 2013. Just that year, the multinational Cisco Systems Inc hired about thirty Sale Lead journalists (all former reporters of established newspapers such as the New York Times. The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times ) for the purpose of writing for the corporate web journal called “ The Network ” . These well-known journalists and reporters therefore found themselves promoting news relating to the world of technology and innovation at the service of a brand.

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