This is the profession of the future

To the crisis of traditional journalism that has manifested itself in recent years.

On the part of brands , there is a greater demand for information professionals capable of conveying the company’s values ​​and mission. In the new digital ecosystem, companies want to tell their world first-hand. Effectively becoming publishers of themselves.

This new face assumed by the brands, poised between social and media presence.

The possibility for a company to create content and become Saudi Arabia Phone Number List an information. Leader in its area of ​​reference is an unprecedented opportunity in the world of communication. In this way , a transversal dialogue is created between brands and followers intended to fuel a transmedia conversation.

What does the brand journalist do

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It should be specified that the brand journalist is, above all, an information professional; however it is necessary to distinguish this figure from that of a content editor or an advertiser. 

The brand journalist is a professional journalist in the full sense Sale Lead of the word. He must evaluate the “newsworthiness” of a fact, be the gatekeeper. Of the information and convey a message through the language deemed most suitable for its dissemination. The task of the brand journalist is to tell exciting, interesting, and useful stories, capable of involving the target audience of a particular brand.

Through the work of the brand journalist, information cancels the brand (since it does not advertise directly), however it offers greater visibility to the company by communicating its values. This cross-sector figure between journalist and storyteller plays a key role in increasing corporate reputation, the so-called brand awareness.

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