With the microscopic analysis of cells, inflammations. Their cause, benign and malignant cells, as well as other cytological changes can be detected. With the detection of abnormal cells in the cervix. Early diagnosis and timely treatment of premalignant changes are possible. Which would otherwise endanger women’s health and life. Everything about the pap test was explained to us by dr. Elizabeta matevska-atanasovska, obstetrician-gynecologist at the acibadem sistina clinical hospital. Therefore, Why is it necessary and how often should it be performed. Therefore, By means of this test, the early signs of cervical cancer can be detected. And if they are detected in time.the treatment is simpler and possible.

The result of the PAP test has come

Also, infections are detected which cause discomfort in women, and sometimes mimic cell changes of the first degree. After treatment of the infection, a regular PAP test is usually fine. It is very important that all women have a PAP test as part of their Egypt WhatsApp Number List routine gynecological examination. Therefore, The frequency of performing the tests depends on the age and the results of the previous PAP test. It is recommended to perform the PAP test immediately after you start to become sexually active, and if you do not have risk factors, it is good to perform this test once a year. Therefore, How is the PAP test performed.

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What happens if the PAP test is positive

The appointment with the gynecologist should be made between 10 and 20 days after the first day of the cycle. At least two days before the check-up at the gynecologist. You should not use vaginal creams, medicines, tampons. Powders and Hong Kong Phone Number List deodorants, and you should not have sexual intercourse. The test is painless. But for some women it is an unpleasant moment. The gynecologist, using a tool whose tip is wrapped in cotton. Collects the cells detached from the cervix and places them in a glass container. The glass is placed in a fixative and in this. Way it is prepared to be sent to the cytopathology laboratory. In the “acibadem sistina” hospital, the result is ready in 2-3 days.

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