Following global trends, but also due to the high.  Percentage of congenital heart anomalies in non-risky groups of pregnant women. . Screening in the prenatal diagnosis of structural anomalies in the heart of the fetus. Many parents do not know. That the presence of congenital heart defects is from 6-8 out of 1000 live births. Statistical data obtained from reference. Centers that deal with fetal ultrasound show that the presence of congenital heart anomalies is greater. Therefore, Than 6-8 out of 1000 newborn children. Today, medicine, technology and experience can provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate. Treatment for almost any type of heart abnormality.

Mandatory screening of newborn hearts

We talked with dr. About the importance of this screening. Dashko dimeski and dr. Svetlana krstevska-blazhevska, pediatric cardiologist at the acibadem sistina clinical hospital. Accurate diagnosis and treatment for any type of heart defect. Therefore, Fetal echocardiography as a non-invasive ultrasound method in the earliest Ecuador WhatsApp Number List diagnosis of bcm is characterized by a specificity of 98%. With a sensitivity of 92% and accuracy in finding the diagnosis up to 96%. In order to achieve a more detailed follow-up of the morphology in the fetal heart. Transvaginal ultrasound is recommended between the 12th and 16th gestational weeks in high-risk pregnancies. Therefore, hile transabdominal access as a mandatory routine screening is most. Suitable to be performed between the 198th and 24th gestational week.

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How are heart abnormalities treated

Benefits of screening this screening has many advantages. Which include: the earliest detection of congenital heart defects. Informing the parents about the fetal heart condition in the fetus, planning the time and place of birth. Near the cardiac surgery Germany Phone Number List center if the fetus is a carrier of (bcm) , possible therapy in fetal heart arrhythmias. Possible termination of pregnancy in complex cardiopathies associated with genetic disorders. Therefore, Making possible scientific knowledge of the development and course of bcm and promising interventional fetal cardiology and cardiac surgery. Congenital heart defects in children congenital heart malformations occupy an important. Therefore, Place in the general pathology of congenital anomalies of the fetus.

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