Tangerang Saeful Kahfi from Kab

Riandi Pratama Mz from Sekayu Rifka Aprilia from . Bandar Lampung Riki Adi Putra from Palembang City Rocky Sutrisno . Pardede from Medan Roni Subhan from Sukabumi Rovanjanza from . South  West Bandung Salma Fitri Ramadani from Bogor Solomon . Adi Manuel from Surakarta Septi Andriani Sitinjak . Ffrom Medan City Silvia Novita from Pariaman Sindy Feronika from Aceh Siti Anzi Indra Nawawi Daeng Parani from Bogor City Siti Patimah Iskandar from Bandung Scholastica Suryati Alus from Manggarai, NTT Sugeng Widodo from Demak Surya Muhamad K. from Kediri Susan Evita Sanur from Tulangbawang Regency Syaipullah from Barito Kuala Syamsul Bahri from Padang Teguh Riyono from Bekasi Tommy Hari Firmanda from Malang Tri Nur Subhi from Bandung City Tri Yulianto from DKI Jakarta The Aji Basuki Trio from South Tangeran.

Umi Masanti from DKI Jakarta Vanessa

Ray from Kab. Bogor Vino Bratama from Padang City, West Sumatra Wahid Kharisma Jafar Mayono from Trenggalek Winda Yulianti from Serang Windi Ika Aprillia from Bandung Y Rio Darmawan from DKI Jakarta Yanuar Khaldun from Malang Yohanes Ngaga from Bandung We congratulate the e quotation marks  to indicate that the message whatsapp database we want to display is a string or text. Expression and Statement An expression is a unit of code that can be evaluated to a value. To make it easier, look at the following code example . Baris kode ini merupakan expression karena interpreter akan membaca kode ini dan menghasilkan nilai  Baris kode ini juga merupakan expression. Interpreter mengevaluasi kode dan juga akan menghasilkan nilai 5.

Meanwhile a statement is an instruction

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To carry out a certain action. These actions can include creating variables, looping, checking conditions, etc. var yourName; let yourAge; const From these tools , there are toolsets and additional features that really help you in working on a design concept. The prices offered vary, some are free with limited features and there are monthly fees with complete features. , almost all human needs require the role of technology to make it easier for humans Sale Lead to carry out their activities.Adi from Gowa Mohammad Ismail from Surakarta Muhamad Adinugraha Wicaksana from Depok Muhamad Ilham from Padang Panjang City Muhammad Aziz Wardhana from Blitar Understanding A wireframe is a framework for organizing items on a website or application page. Making a wireframe is usually done

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