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That’s a natural thing because everyone has a different point of view from others. This time we will discuss what efficiency is with definitions and examples. Hearing the word efficient may not sound strange to your ears, but for some people the meaning of the word efficiency is often associated with time. There are also those who think that efficiency is something that can be achieved based on desire. So, is the word efficient always related to time? Or even vice versa. These components will be discussed at another time, or you can learn them completely in the Basic Learning JavaScript Programming class . This class is part of the Back-End Developer learning path which was prepared together with Amazon Web Services and other industry players. If you need a scholarship to gain access to this learning path, please register for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship program . JavaScript Tutorial:The code.

To initialize a value into a variable

 With an equal sign (=) is called an assignment expression . We meet again with the terms statement and expression . Because expressions definitely produce values, they can appear anywhere in a JavaScript program. Meanwhile, statements refer to actions. So, in certain parts of the code that require values, we cannot fill whatsapp number list them in with a statement. For example, the following code: let fullName = let lastName; The code above is an error because let lastName is a statement for variable declaration. Statements cannot be in expression positions. let fullNameThe following is a general definition of efficiency from experts, including: Efficiency is an effort to achieve maximum goals by minimizing resource expenditure. Efficient is the use of resources such as costs, time, and effort or energy, to achieve goals in carrying out activities. Efficiency is the ability to implement an activity or business by spending a small 

Energy to achieve maximum results

Amount of money, time and or targets. Efficiency is a way or ability to obtain maximum results and goals, but only uses minimal or few resources. So it doesn’t cost too much money, energy and time. Efficient is an appropriate method to produce maximum goals in accordance with what is desired and desired. Efficient Sale Lead is a way to achieve a goal at the same cost, but with maximum goals or results. So, those are some definitions of efficiency according to experts. You can create a definition of efficiency in your own language based on several expert opinions above. console.log(“Hello, World!”); console.log is the default JavaScript code to display messages to the console, which can be a web console or a console from a terminal/command prompt . The code or text in brackets is the message you want to display. In the code example.

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