Difference Between Effective and Efficient what is efficient Some people still confuse the meaning of effective and efficient. Both are often associated with the same thing. Especially in the world of work, the meanings of effective and efficient are often used to measure someone’s performance. No wonder, these two words have become a collaboration that is difficult to separate. However, in reality it has a different meaning. Here are some basic differences between effective and efficient: Differences in terms of action/work: Effectiveness means working according to what was planned. Efficient is working with appropriate resources and energy without waste. Differences in terms of achieving goals: Effectively can achieve maximum goals according to what was planned . Efficiently can get maximum results by saving costs, energy or time. So, every effective process may not necessarily be efficient.

Therefore how important it is to harmonize

Even the opposite. the two, namely working effectively and efficiently. So that every goal, whether individual or organizational, can be achieved according to what was previously planned. Examples of Working Efficiently efficient is You can experience efficient work every day. As you can manage your energy, time and even money. Every job you do must have an efficient whatsapp database concept. The following are some examples of efficiency at work: A job can be done in ways A and B. You can do job method A in 1 hour. Meanwhile, method B can be done within 2 hours. So, method A (the right method) can be said to be an efficient method, compared to method B.

So Amir’s step is the most efficient

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Step because Amir doesn’t need to waste his energy going to the library. Budi goes to Yogyakarta at 9 pm using an economy train for IDR 80,000 and will arrive in Yogyakarta at 6 am (duration 9 hours). Meanwhile, Amir went to Yogyakarta at 9 pm using a business train costing Rp. 200,000 and will arrive in Yogyakarta at 5 am (duration 8 hours). Which is the most efficient step? Both trips can be said to be efficient based on their respective points of view. Budi’s trip was an efficient step because Sale Lead Budi could save costs and the travel time was only 1 hour different. Amir’s trip can also be said to be efficient because Amir can save 1 hour of time and of course the facilities he gets are better compared to economy.

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