At the end of the text we also include the latest version of the library from. The template expects to receive an array of contacts in a variable which we iterate over in the sidebar and output each contact name in an unorderd list using interpolation syntax. Next let’s create a custom stylesheet I don’t want to list the styles here. Please copy them from the files in the include repository or feel free to add some of your own. Back to let’s update our routes to use templates Now when you refresh the page you should see something like this. A Contact List Displaying a Single Contact All we have done so far is set up a basic application.

Let’s change this and finally add to it

The next step is that when the user clicks on a contact in the sidebar, that contact’s information is displayed naturally in the main content area without reloading the entire page. First let’s move the sidebar into its Mexico Telegram Data own template. Add the following content to this new file. Here we’ve creatd a link to each contact and added three attributes. Learn to use coding. When the user clicks on the link the click will be intercepte and a request made to the endpoint. . The response will be insertd into the when the request is complete. We are not specifying any kind of exchange strategy here so the content will be replaced with the content returned by the request.

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This is the default behavior

This will ensure that the specifie value is pushe onto the browser’s history stack and thus changd. Update to use our templates Remember to be space sensitive so be sure to use the correct Colombia Phone Number List indentation. Now let’s create a new endpoint to return the desird response. If you save and refresh your browser you should now be able to view the details of each contact. The Final Application on the Web Let’s take a moment to understand what’s going on here. As mention at the beginning of this article the payload is delivere over the network rather than associate with traditional front-end frameworks.

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