We can see this if we open the browser’s developer tools switch to the network tab and click on one of the contacts. After receiving the request from the frontend our application generates the required to display the contact and sends it to the browser where it swaps it to the correct location. The developer tools show in the network tab that the request handles a full page refresh so things are going pretty well thanks to us making the page dynamic by specifying a few properties on the anchor tag. Unfortunately there is a problem if you display a contact and then refresh the page our lovely user interface disappears and all you see is the bare contact details.

The same thing happens

If you load directly in the browser. The reason is obvious if you think about it. When you visit something like that the routing will kick in and return the contact’s as we told it to. It knows nothing about the rest of Netherlands Telegram Data our user interface. To solve this problem we need to make some changes. On the server we need to check it to show where the request came from. If this header is present then we can send partial header. Otherwise we need to send the entire page. Changing the route handler like this now the UI won’t disappear when you reload the page. But it does restore the selected contact for the message from whatever contact you were viewing which isn’t ideal.

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To solve this problem we

Can introduce a statement in the template to finally update the route handler. Note that we are now passing in a variable that will be used when the entire page reloads. This way our application should be able to withstand refreshing or loading contacts directly. Quick Refactor While this works you may notice some duplication in both our route handler and Costa Rica Phone Number List the main pug template. Has more than a few properties things start to get unwieldy or we need to use some logic to decide which properties to show. To fix this let’s move the contact into it’s own template Add the following in the newly created.

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