Clients of the email marketing company Bigfoot Interactive will soon have at their disposal. Through this company’s email More Information platform, information on. The number of users who press the option. Identify an email as spam and how they rate marketing campaigns. in front of others. This results measurement tool is integrated into Bigfoot’s. Direct Response Email Application Manager (DREAM) and will be launched in April. The tool will be an extra option that customers can. Activate or deactivate and will have an additional cost that the company has not yet set.

According to Bigfoot's marketing director

Michael Della Penna, it will have three uses: – Report how many users press. The option to executive email list identify an email as spam. – Compare this figure with the number of complaints received by the sector in general. – Evaluate the number of complaints as good. Acceptable or bad, based on Bigfoot data and suggest ways to improve performance. According to this document, marketing professionals should only include. A consumer’s email address in their database when the consumer gives the company permission to do so.

But there are exceptions to this rule:

If the company has an established business relationship with. The consumer, whether online or offline, or if reasonable. Efforts are More Information made to ensure that accurate Sale Lead email addresses are included. Corresponding customer records. A third exception occurs if the data being. Added comes from sources that offered notification and choice regarding. Acceptance to receive offers from third parties by email and where the consumer did not unsubscribe. The guidelines also state that marketers should not sell, rent, transfer, or exchange. A consumer’s email address unless the consumer is first offered notice and choice. In addition, all messages sent to an electronic. Address included in the registry must also include. A notification and the option to continue communication in this way.

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