What is Social, When we are presented with a product, a service or anything else. That thousands of people are already trying. We also feel that we need it in our lives to be happy. And this is where  proof comes into action. To help confirm our purchasing decisions. Today I want to talk to you about l proof, a strategy that helps customers. Make the decision to buy your product and/or service. Follow you on  networks, or join your community of followers among others. We will see  it is and I will show you some. Examples that work very well in any Online marketing strategy.

Maslow's pyramid

What is Social,  proof, or  proof, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when. People make a decision based on seeing  others are doing . It is in our DNA (and in our brain) to let ourselves be carried away by . The vast majority of people do, especially when email database we talk about buying or acquiring a product. Or also belonging to some  group. Our brain is programmed to react to certain stimuli. This is what neuromarketing tells us about. Science that knows perfectly the real (and most primitive) motivations for our behavior. After all, human beings also move by instinct, much more than we think. Maslow’s pyramid To find an explanation as to why we have this tendency to do what others do. We must go to the Theory of Human Needs by Abraham Maslow.

Cialdini's principles of persuasion

People have an innate need to relate to other people. The fact of belonging to other groups and/or collectives helps us give meaning to everything we do every day . Therefore,  proof gives that feeling of belonging to a  recognized. group. And brands Sale Lead use this strategy to increase their sales. Cialdini’s principles of persuasion Cialdini , in his principles. Of persuasion, also emphasized this behavior. Its Principle of Consensus and Approval talks about how we tend to take as valid and accept what the majority dictates. The reason is that in addition to appealing to the need for  belonging. It gives us confidence and less feeling of risk when making a decision. Hence,  Proof facilitates and encourages decision making.

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