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 Build content creation into a process that is easy to repeat over and over again.” Pia fluff into something meaningful. This is a gracious tip for everyone. The best thing is that you can evaluate and define the relevance yourself.” Do you want to know 11 tips for blogging and time management Hanna Siltamäki “Blogging is not just writing a blog, it also includes maintaining social media and sharing your own blog posts.  your old blog posts in new social media posts as well. For example, you can look for new tips to share on Facebook from old texts, or you can take a small sentence from them and make a picture on Instagram. So use the same content in many different ways. From one blog post, you can transform the content for many different purposes.” Kiki Vainionpää with military precision.

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 Make detailed plans for at least a week, what, when, where. Use Tiia’s plan base, it clarifies maintaining focus. Keep new database a clear vision of what your goal is. So this is how it SHOULD be done, even going towards it with small but decisive steps.” Nina Nordlund fi “I’m thinking about how I can increase my own productivity, because I feel like I’m living one day at a time. In the morning, I look at my calendar in horror at what all needs to be done. Of course, things related to the blog are not necessarily even in my calendar, because I am committed to trainings, speeches and meetings, which are clearly not related to blogging.  supports me in my other work. Something has to be done to keep up with blogging regularly. There’s still a lot of work to be done on this, but here are a few tips that work for me as long as I use them. 1. I write a list of things that need to be done during the day. I often write this list the day before.

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I get immense satisfaction when I can cross off my tasks on the list. Whenever I use this, I’m really efficient during the day. not be too long, because it is a demotivating factor, at least for me, when I get even less done. 2. I put myself in a “forced situation”, when the matter just has to be taken care of. Deadlines are effective ways to squeeze results out of yourself. Either you read this: your blog, even if you get a 404 error page Elina As a wellness entrepreneur and a mother of small children, it has been important for me that I look at the calendar the night before all the must-do things Sale Lead that need to be done the next day. So I don’t mark all things in the calendar, but 2-3 mandatory ones. care of, there is also plenty of room for creativity during the day, and everyday life is not just about getting things done.

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