” Marianne Hautsalo blogspot.fi “My tip for time management is to look at things from a helicopter perspective:  has the greatest benefit? That is, by doing the best way to reach my goal. If the goal is not clear, then this is of no use, but when the goal is specific and passionate, then the use of time crystallizes: do I just surf social media or do really important things. This can also be used for prioritization and outsourcing/not doing things: Is this task essential for my success, or am I just doing nice things when I’ve gotten into it or I think that’s what I should do.” Zaki Azedani “My tip: Set work. I learned from Eben Pagan that work should be done in 50-minute sets. You can take breaks of either 10 or 30 minutes in between. Usually, the set is focused on one thing, because multitasking is not efficient.

What is essential to do what doing

 Preferably, the most important things are taken care of in the morning, because that’s when you often have new data the most willpower and ability to concentrate. Sometimes you can also take 50-minute sets, which are intended for multitasking, such as communication on social media. As a blogger, it takes me about 2-4 sets to write one article, and then it takes 1-2 sets to distribute. The good thing about sets is that when the set is on, you can concentrate properly without interruptions. During the breaks, we are really on breaks. This way, when the break is over, your fingers are itching to get back to work.” Helena Örmark fi “What I use the most myself is that I complete the text over the course of three days.  to mind on the subject. The next day, I write the body of the post by hand, and on the third day, I type cleanly on the machine. The subconscious will then take care of the rest.

First mind map whatever comes

And things are moving along nicely.”This is how I find time to blog For time management | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen When I read various bloggers’ comments about the challenges of blogging, time plays a big role there. If your goal is to get more readers to your blog, to use your blog as a marketing channel or to earn income by blogging, in this post I will give you useful tips on how to find more time for blogging. Before we go any further, I want to point out that time is an illusion. The more you stress and talk about being busy, the less time you have to do anything. How do I know this? I am an entrepreneur I’m a blogger I am a personal trainer I build online courses I write e-books I am a single mother of teenage adhd/add twins I go to the store (the children also go) I cook (kids do this too) I clean (together with the children) I play with cats (children rarely remember this) I go jogging (less often, but I do) I use children in various appointments + at the doctor Sale Lead I go to school meetings and most recently I became my son’s homeroom teacher So if I can handle this whole package, so can you.

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